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MME 101 Paper #1: Engineering Majors Submitted by: Name, ID# Submitted to: Dr. Covey via D2L Drop Box Submitted on: Date Define the selected engineering field including areas of expertise in the field and types of work done Engineering is the specialization that incorporates math and science as it seeks to address a variety of problems that face humanity.


Engineering has over time evolved to be a broad field with very many specializations each concerned with different aspects of human life. Engineering is certainly the link between the theoretical science that man learns and discovers daily and the commercial applications of such discoveries. Great advances in engineering have certainly continued to be the order of the day as man grapples with a myriad challenges amidst increasingly diminishing resources and the growing need to make life simpler for humanity. Without doubt, great milestones have been undertaken but the motivation continues to grow. Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering specializations that have actually been a solution to many problems that face humanity both presently and in the past. A civil engineer has the knowledge to supervise and oversee the construction of various social infrastructures like roads, airports, bridges, railways and other infrastructural facilities. A civil engineer has to consider various aspects while designing and constructing structures. For instance, railroads are expected to last for several years and it is upon the engineer to take account of issues such as environment, materials to use, demography etc. Over time, civil engineering has continued to evolve as different areas of concern emerge. ...
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