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Wheel is one of the most useful inventions of the ancient times and served as a revolutionary machine for the development of hydraulics and also agriculture. The working of a water wheel is based on the two fundamental principles of physics i.e. gravity and impulse.


gravity and impulse. Water wheel finds various applications in agriculture and engineering during the ancient times and various new machines are based on the principle of water wheel. Water Wheel: history and mechanism History of Water Wheel: Primary movers, like the water wheel, have been regarded by some historians as the significant element in the evolution of technology. Invented in Hellenistic era, it was a critical juncture in the history of technology and advancement. The water wheel allowed man, for the first time in history, to use an azoic power source for agriculture and industrial production. As the use of water power spread, it had a marked impact on the technological advancement in numerous areas by enablingthe man to save labor in many industries and helped in increasing the production of the flour milling industry. Due to scarcityof early literature regarding hydraulics, the origin of water wheel is stillan unsolved puzzle for historians. The term ‘cakkavattaka’ a turning wheel, is used in the ancient Indian texts dating back to 4th century BC. On this basis, Joseph Needham a well-known British historian proposed that the machine was a water wheel but Terry S. Reynolds, the past president of the Society for the History of Technology doesn’t agree with Needham. According to him the early history of water wheel in India is vague and the term used in the Indian texts does not clearly suggest a water-powered device. ...
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