Wast Management in Construction and Demolition

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Topic: Waste management in construction and demolition (C&D) 1. Introduction This study aims to determine the veracity of the following thesis statement, that: The reduction or elimination of construction waste/ demolition debris may be achieved by adoption of sustainable waste management strategies and practices during all stages of the construction or demolition process.


C&D waste would typically include most construction materials, such as concrete, wood, metals, gypsum wallboard, asphalt, and roofing materials; some have the opinion, however, that land-clearing debris that includes soil, tree stumps, and rocks should be included among C&D waste. Some would not consider these waste as they are materials that naturally occur in such form in nature, and are merely being relocated from the construction site. Some consider them as within the scope of C&D waste that must be addressed, because in the course of construction they would normally be hauled away for disposal (EPA, 2000, p. 2-1). 1.1. Historical background of C&D waste management and recycling industry There was a time when buildings were made to last, and it was not unusual to plan for structures to last for a hundred years or more. More recently, however, the “throwaway society” made it a practice to regularly demolish relative new buildings in order to build new ones in its place, which were deemed better suited to the changing tastes and needs of society. The forecast is that between 2000 and 2030, about 50% of all buildings at present shall be reconstructed, and 27% will be completely replaced. According to Priesnitz (2007:21), this practice is now viewed as wasteful and environmentally unsustainable. ...
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