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Name Surname Professor Name Subject 28 October 2011 Renewable Energy Introduction: Crisis in the availability of energy sources can be realized within the society. It hints that proper usage of the available sources is an essential factor in order to keep the balance of the energy sources on earth…


Use of fuels in London: The energy uses in the city of London in the residential, commercial, industrial and transportation sectors can be presented through the following chart based on data for the year 1998. The figure indicates the percentage use of the available energy sources in the city of London in different sectors. It can be observed that the transportation sector has the highest record of the use of energy followed by the residential and the commercial sector. Hence this implies that there is a need for effectively using the sources such that they do not become scarcely unavailable for use. Figure 1: Fuel Usage in London (Voogt et al, 38). Factors affecting future availability of fuels: The most important issue affecting the availability of fuels is the change in the climate and the global warming. Fears from the environmental changes tend to hinder the exploration processes of fuels. Controlling the usage of fuel energy has increased, leading to inadequate availability of the same. Moreover, economic constraints are also prevalent from the fact that the fuels are often available at larger distances difficult for consumers to reach. ...
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