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Robert Fishman and Critical Urban Studies I. Introduction II. Fishman’s Critical Delineation of Urbanism III. Conclusion I. Introduction Robert Fishman is one of the pioneering urban design critiques in the world. He is associated with the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan for quite some time.


The purpose of the essay is to have a glance at the works of Robert Fishman that is one of the legendary figures in urban planning and urban design. The present review looks at the key contributions of Robert Fishman to the understanding of new urbanism. II. Fishman’s Critical Delineation of Urbanism Fishman has concentrated much of his energies in understanding the myth of the urban wherein utopias and illusions govern the reality of the urban dwellers. Fishman’s works are nt simply about the cities that we see around us but also the cities in our imagination . He is necessarily historical in many of his accounts of urban life. In understanding the urban utopias in twentieth century, he dwells much upon the works of three planners; “Ebenezer Howard, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Le Corbusier”, and in order to answer the questions related to ideal city and social justice (Fishman, 1982, p.3). His analysis is full of many new insights. According to Fishman, these three great urban planners were trying to “escape from the inevitable limitations of short term solutions devised for particular cities. ...
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