BCA Compliance for a Typical Location Requirements

 BCA Compliance for a Typical Location Requirements Assignment example
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: BCA Compliance for Typical Location Requirements Assessment Task 2: Part I Introduction The structure of the BCA compliance is categorized into three parts. These are; the objectives, the functional statements and the performance requirements.


Under the category of functional statement, the load bearing capacity of the structure and any other factor that may expose the structure into extra pressures are taken into consideration during the design and construction processes. The sustainability, quality and durability of the structure need to be considered. The structure should be in a position to meet the required standards in relation to the location that it is situated. The ability of the building to withstand harsh conditions, withstand frequent harsh conditions without failure are vital to its performance characteristics. The minimal reports on damages during fire, explosions, vibration among other factors make the structure meet the compliance standards. Some of the actions that need consideration for satisfaction are; the loads both live and dead that the structure is exposed to, force of wind, tremors and earthquakes, marshy grounds and snow. Requirements for the project in bushfires In areas prone to bush fires, the class I buildings should be in a position to offer resistance to the bushfires and minimize the risks involved in the loss of lives and building. Exit doors during emergencies should be installed to ease evacuation by the occupants during fire outbreaks. The design and the construction of the structure should allow minimal risks from the bushfire. ...
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