Advantages and Disadvantages of Design Build Project Delivery Method

 Advantages and Disadvantages of Design Build Project Delivery Method Research Paper example
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There exist four major methods of construction of project delivery in the modern world.The four include design-bid-build method of project delivery,design-build method, construction management free method,and construction management-at risk method


It can be observed that convectional methods of project delivery have given way to more creative methods, and this has been done so to save time, save money, and to provide a more coordinated team approach with objective of reducing litigation. Each project delivery method has benefits as well as its own limitations. Design-built project delivery method constitutes one of the modern popular project construction methods (Darren, Pramen, Fasce & Masce 579). The premise of this method is that the owner hires one entity, which is a design-builder, and this design entity becomes the sole provider of both design and construction services (American Institute of Architects 504-505). Subsequently, the financing of the project remains the responsibility of the owner. More so, this method requires a clearly defined scope of work which in some cases may constitute existing prototype design, while also ensuring cost commitment is made early in the design process. Advantages In a study carried out by Roth (1995) involving six design build (DB) projects for Navy childcare facilities constructed through MILCON process, the author established that use of DB significantly reduced costs specifically those associated with design and construction (Darren, Pramen, Fasce & Masce p.580). ...
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