The suitablity of New Technologies for Developing Economies

The suitablity of New Technologies for Developing Economies  Essay example
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The suitability of New Energy Technologies for Developing Economies Introduction These days, there exists a common phenomenon the world over and that is, there is economic hardship in most parts of the world1. Most people have wondered how the engineer can be of any use in reducing the global economic hardship: as the engineer does not possess any learned economic models.


What is new energy technology? New energy technology tries to combine the innovative manipulations of modern technology into providing energy from cheap sustainable natural sources such as the sun. Indeed, the advent of new energy is a confirmation that there has been fruitful and sufficient use of the environment and environmental resources as new technology can best be described as the product of the environment.2 Factors that influence the choice of new energy technology for developing countries Availability of raw material Presently, most developing countries depend on hydroelectric power for the supply of energy. It cannot be denied however that water is no longer becoming a very reliable source of energy. This is because of the perennial shortest of water that exists in most parts of the world. The issue becomes compounded even with the prevailing threat of global warming, which is leading to the extinction of water bodies across the world3. In some parts of developing world where there exists drying season part of their major annual seasons; governments have had to fall on the purchase of electric generators to supplement energy supply whenever hydroelectric power supply fails them. ...
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