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Executive summary The implementation of any project consists of numerous elements broken down in stages. The process of project management entails several stages aiming at ensuring successful project completion. This paper presents a critical analysis of the planning element for construction projects.


Planning continues to play an essential role towards the success of many projects. Kerzner, (2003) states that failure to plan, marks the beginning of total failure. Project planning A project plan can be define as the guide towards the execution and control of a project. Project plan forms a fundamental base towards the success or failure of a given project. According to Kerzner (2009) a project plan defines the appropriate methods to be employed during the project. The defined methods ensure successful completion of projects. Project plan ensures optimisation of the resources towards achieving the objectives of the project. The plan, therefore, acts as a guideline in maintaining a balance between resource utilisation and project schedule compliance. The plan ensures proper utilisation of project resources and timely completion of projects. The project planning process in the construction industry forms a fundamental activity for the entire project. The planning process consists of numerous stages. The stages include. Choosing of correct technology and construction method to be employed in the project. Establishing the work tasks. Defining the existing relationships between various activities. Estimating the activity durations. Estimating the resource requirements for the work activities involved. ...
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