The quality of risk management in the Civil Engineering

The quality of risk management in the Civil Engineering Assignment example
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Running head: INITIAL RESEARCH PLAN The Quality of Risk Management in Civil Engineering Name Affiliation Abstract This initial research project plan will seek to examine the pertinent issues involved in the assessment of quality risk management in the civil engineering field when dealing with international projects The quality of risk management in the Civil Engineering Construction of facilities bears with it a myriad of risks.


Since the international contractors operate outside their normal business jurisdiction, there are numerous uncertainties. Civil engineers working outside their resident jurisdiction face such difficulties as different management approaches, foreign technology, legal requirements, and uncommon construction practices and systems. The understanding and appreciation of the risks associated with these international projects can be instrumental to the success of these projects. International projects failing to meet the schedule, scope and budget allocated more often have to encounter a horde of impacts some of which bear serious political, social and economic ramifications. U.S. engineering firms have a history of significant involvement in most global markets. These firms continue to aggressively pursue international projects and opportunities. In as much as international projects appear like they are lucrative investments, such projects attract a heightened level of risk. Most participants and stake holders such as investors agree that the successful delivery of such projects has in many occasions proven to be quite difficult. ...
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