Advanced manufacturing techniques and the advent of nanotechnology

Advanced manufacturing techniques and the advent of nanotechnology Assignment example
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The manufacturing benefits of nanotechnology are detailed.The principles of nanotechnology, as well as definitions and descriptions of the scales involved are discussed.An overall objective of advanced manufacturing as a concept is defined.


Nanostructural elements are explained, with possible applications not only in the production process of physical goods, but at other phases of manufacturing, including assistance with environmental requirements due to efficiency. Nanotech has the potential for faster, cleaner industry with more effective options for waste removal and prevention of toxic emissions. Three tasks are discussed, with implications of nanostructures as they benefit circuit manufacture, factory waste-emissions, and miniaturization for ionic conductance components. The benefits as well as disadvantages are explained, with recommendations for further implementation and research. INTRODUCTION The principles of advanced manufacturing, as it pertains to manufacturing flexibility are widely recognized as critical. Retaining and maintaining flexibility in manufacturing and operational procedures boosts the organization's capability to respond effectively to ongoing customer issues and requirements, the goal being to respond without the sacrifice of excessive time and money. A comprehension of the interaction between advanced manufacturing technology and flexibility in the manufacturing process are vital areas of investigation for any productive operation ...
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