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Energy consumption

It has also been found out that it requires 7 gallons of gasoline daily for each and every individual to maintain the country run at it normal pace. This figures alone reflect how the country rely on fossil fuel, it is true 90% of energy used in the country comes from fossil fuel; this is a very high percentage as compared to the rest of the world. Apart from the environmental effects associated with exploration and extraction of fossil fuels there are other forms of pollutions associated with fossil fuels. It notably they cause invisibility through smog, acid rain and at the same time leads to global warming across the world According to Singer (2004) through understanding of the causes of global warming has enabled United States set up preventive strategies. Scientists have referred the greenhouse gasses, in terms of the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide. The reason is to understand the gasses’ effects. The international panel of climate change (IPCC), formed by the United Nations initiated the process of preventing global warming through study on environment degradation. Scientists subscribed to this group, and gathered all the information on climate changes and its progress. The mitigation of climate change efforts has been done by enhancing the capacity of carbon that sinks to absorb green-house gasses within the atmosphere (Dessler & Parson 2010). This entailed enacting policies that would be adhered to by all states. ...
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MY ANSWER Name Institution QUESTION ONE: United States of America is one of the countries very dependent in its way of energy consumption, it is dependent mainly on inexpensive energies i.e. coal and other petroleum products which are fossil fuels (Singer 2008)…
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