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Engineering and Construction
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Engineering and Construction [Name of Student] [Name of Institution] Introduction Construction refers to the processes by which structures, buildings, and their components are erected, constructed, altered, or extended to serve various purposes. In addition to these processes, construction also entails structure repair, refurbishment, renovation, commissioning, and conversion.


Moreover, public facilities, infrastructures, and underground works such as tunnels and pipelines are also some of the structures that are constructed. Depending on the activities and processes involved and the type of structure developed, construction is categorized into residential, industrial, engineering, and building construction (Auer et al., 2007). For instance, the industrial category of construction entails the installation of industrial plants and facilities such as oil refineries and sugar factories. On the other hand, the residential category of construction refers to the construction of family homes and other family projects. However, there are other minor categories of construction such as infrastructure, institutional, and pre-engineered categories of construction. A vital point to note is that each category of construction has specific requirements in terms of plans, designs, materials, and funding. This paper explores the four main categories of construction, which are residential, industrial, engineering, and building construction. Building Construction Building construction refers to the construction processes and activities that add structures to a real property. ...
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