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1. The Type R stands as a notation for Plain Round Grade 250 as reinforcing bar. Where as according to BS4449:2005 the other other types include H - Ribbed Grade 500 (this replaces T or Y from older standards) and S - Stainless Steel. These are used in a manner that if it is written R8 then this means that plain rounded bar of grade 250 and diameter of 8mm is to be used.


Thirdly this gives sufficient space for the main reinforcement to develop full stressing and strength, which consequently prevents slipping of the bars. Lastly a sufficient cover gives a smooth surface which improves the aesthetics of the component as well. 3. 4. Bar codes are on the schedule so that the reader must understand that how the steel bar is is to be bended and what angles and shapes are to be made. In addition to this the reader can easily calculate the length of the bar, and consequently by using the diameter and the type of bar the total weight of the bar can be calculated and finally the total weight of the reinforcement. 5. The cover can be maintained by different methods. One method can be made by placing Metal plastic tipped bar chairs under the reinforcement so that a specified height can be maintained between the bottom surface and reinforcement. Then another method is to give spacer blocks, these can be small marble pieces or concrete plates. Another method used for very heavy reinforcement is the employment of Plastic strip bar chairs. 6. a) coarse aggregate = 122.4 Kg b) fine aggregate = 81.6 Kg c) cement = 40 Kg d) water = 22 Kg 7. ...
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