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Essay example - Literature Review - Recycled Rubber Tyres as Aggregate in Concrete

Literature Review - Recycled Rubber Tyres as Aggregate in Concrete Essay example
Engineering and Construction
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2.0 Literature Review 2. 1 Introduction The ability to change the levels of consumption in the UK is one which is essential to the needs to create a sustainable world and to alter the pollutants which are coming from different resources. A technology which is being created is with the use of recycled rubber tyres…

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This is able to alter and change the way in which the aggregate can be used while determining if the tyres can be recycled into a different substance for other needs. The literature review will look at the past applications with the tyres and how effective the recycled materials are. The review will therefore reveal insights into the major findings in this area and discover potential areas for conducting further research. 2.2 Overview to Recycled Rubber Particles The first question which is associated with the recycled rubber particles is based on the understanding of cement paste and how it responds and reacts to the rubber tyre particles being added as a part of it. In a recent study (Segre, Joekes, 2000: 1421), there was a modification to the cement by adding in rubber tyre powder to the aggregate. The study looked at the cement paste and the way that the surface began to change after a period of 20 minutes. The substance was examined in terms of absorption, density, flexural strength, compressive strength, abrasion resistance, elasticity and fracture energy measurements. The measurement then looked at the level of Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) with the rubber. ...
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