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Making Solar Energy more Economical Student Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Name: Date: The field of energy economics has focused on energy commodities and energy sources and includes regulatory and market structures; motivating factors to firms and consumers to supply, transport, convert and use energy resources and distributional and environmental consequences.


The demand for energy is dependent on properties of conversion means, technologies, and costs. Human energy makes use of resources that can be depleted in particular fossil fuels derived from the preferences. Market forces and cartels may guide a transition back to sources that are renewable. Energy as such has its effects and they come in terms of very heavy environmental costs. At the end of it they are incorporated into the energy cost and prices leading to overuse of energy and motivate policy inventions. Focusing on human utilization of the energy commodities and energy resources and the aftermath of that utilization is the main discussion of many experts. From an economist’s perspective the economic terminology, “energy” is inclusive of all energy resources and energy resources that have significant amounts of physical energy and as such can perform work. Partly, the study focuses on forces that lead economic agents to pursue alternatives in terms of other economically efficient provision and use of energy resources and commodities. The role of alternative energy market and regulatory rules on the activities of producing energy is a point of consideration for these studies. ...
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