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recycling of concrete

In as much as concrete is useful for various construction activities, it makes a huge percentage of the clutter found in landfills. In other words, most of countries generate construction and demolition waste (C&DW) and a bigger proportion of the waste are concrete. There is considerable regional difference because of the construction traditions, thus, the amount of concrete in C&DW ranges between 20 and 80 percent2. Concrete takes a long time to breakdown and is usually an eyesore when left in the open or when not properly disposed. Options for Dealing with Waste Concrete When old buildings are demolished, they always produce large quantities of debris and concrete waste. Most of the waste concrete is recycled due to various reasons such as the increase in the tipping fees by the local governments in attempt to reduce the dumping of waste into the landfills3. Before being recycled, the concrete waste must be sorted and items such as rebar and others made of steel removed. The final product of recycling process of concrete waste is referred to as the recycled aggregate. ...
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Recycling Of Concrete Author Introduction Concrete is a manmade material that is widely used, making a significant portion of the waste that the world produces. It is extensively used as the basic material for infrastructure and construction1. Engineers and builders commonly use concrete for its durability and high strength which makes it able to withstand huge forces and loads…
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