Legislation, Health and Safety and Regulations

Legislation, Health and Safety and Regulations Essay example
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Student Name: Instructor name: Unit Name Date Introduction Health and Safety procedures apply to all work places and employers. They are control measures and risk reduction processes that rely on the effectiveness and knowledge of risks and the willingness to take actions in order to reduce them.


In every organization, it is important that Health and Risk mitigation procedures follow a recursive procedure as shown in the figure below as this will ensure that necessary actions are taken to prevent and control the occurrence of accidents in the workplace. Figure 1: Health and safety in the workplace Source: http://www.snh.org.uk/uplandpathmanagement/img/imagex11.gif Telecom data centre has had the same H&S procedures for the last 10 years. As the new H&S manager, I intend come up with new procedures that will be beneficial to both the company and the workforce. This report will be passed on to the managing director for consideration. It will consider proposed alteration in two areas; Risk assessment and health and safety policies, which will be both beneficial to the company and the work force. First aid, accidents and ill health risk assessment, in addition to, health and safety policies, are two of the main areas that need to be reviewed, which will be both beneficial to the company and the work force. Policies never been renewed for the last ten years and therefore they have become obsolete. Their renewal will help shed some light to the board of directors on personal protective equipment, staff training and consultation, in terms of health and safety policies for both employees and the company. ...
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