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Abstract Diamond, like Graphite is a Carbon material but is very unlike it in other terms. This research paper attempts to understand the various aspects of Diamond as a mineral, how different it is from other Carbon components, what unique properties of this Carbon mineral make it exhibit the hardness, strength and shine that are so much sought by industrialists as well as ornamentalists among others.


Finally, the different types of the mineral and their identification, inspection and quality control procedures will also be studied as part of the research. The current scenario of Diamond production or manufacture will be understood to gain better insight into the availability of this precious mineral. Table of Contents Introduction Formation of diamond Processing of diamond Manufacturing equipment Life cycle of diamond manufacturing Conclusion References Introduction Properties: Diamond is the hardest mineral on earth. It is a natural mineral and is the hardest on Mohs hardness scale that is used to determine the hardness of solids, particularly minerals. This scale that lists the softest to the hardest solids has diamond as its hardest material with a ranking of 10. Although diamond is just one level above corundum, it is still more than ten times harder than corundum. Table 1 represents the Mohs hardness scale as below (Bonsor and Keener, 2001): Table 1- Mohs hardness scale. ...
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