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Engineering Ethics Case Studies Customer Inserts His/her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name 7th, December, 2011 Outline 1.0 Case Study One 03 2.0 Case Study Two 04 3.0 Case Study Three 04 4.0 Case Study Four 05 5.0 Case Study Five 06 6.0 List of References 08 Engineering Ethics Case Studies 1.0 Case Study One The NSPE codes of ethics relevant to this case include (NSPE, 2007): 1.


Despite serving as an engineer at a local engineering firm, he still searches for guidance in interpreting an engineering report from a more qualified engineer than himself. However, it is his obligation to undertake assignments that he can meet the requirements as it relates to his experience (NSPE, 2007). Therefore, this engineer acts in violation of the NSPE codes of ethics by accepting the assignment that he cannot deliver. Alternatively, the engineer should have reported his inability to interpret the document, and ask for assistance within their engineering company. By reporting the report’s inadequacies, I will be violating the NSPE codes of ethics, which states that an engineer should not maliciously or falsely criticize the works of other engineers. Conversely, the engineer who prepared the report may also be considered as violating the NSPE codes due to his provision of substandard works. As a solution, I would advice the newly practicing engineer to schedule a meeting between the three of us so as to work out the differences (Catalano, 2006). ...
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