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Engineering and Construction
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Company Application Name of student Course code Instructor Date due Company Application To whom it may Concern, RE: APPLICATION FOR THE POSITION OF GRADUATE ENGINEER-TECHNICAL ENGINEER SCHEME This is in application to the position of a graduate engineer in technical graduate scheme.


My past work experience, experience and interpersonal skills makes be capable of fitting into the job requirement. Together with the special software competence in engineering application, I am capable of achieving the requirements of the job across various cultures as per the job requirement. Therefore, it would only be ideal that i bring in my wealth of knowledge and experience into the company’s operation and use my leadership skills and competence to help realize the company’s objectives. Name [xxxxxxxxxxx] Address [street number] Mobile phone number, Home telephone: Email: Personal Profile I posses effective communication skills and I am capable of developing a communicating relationship with people I may not know it total varied environment making it possible to interact with various people across various cultures to ensure accomplishment of tasks. I have a demonstrated leadership track where I have managed to lead various groups of craftsmen as required in order to achieve designated task. Further, I am a team player who is ready and willing to work with others in creating the enabling environment for accomplishing tasks. I have proficiency in various engineering software necessary to accomplish tasks and analysis or various data to arrive at the necessary conclusion. These include CAD and MATLAB. ...
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