Sustainable Drainage Systems and Piles Essay example
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Due to increased urbanization the green lands are now converted into grey paved areas. Resulting into decrease in water percolation into soil and increase in run off of water into the rivers, which the rivers cannot afford causing flood, immense erosion, deepening the riverbeds and destroying the habitat.


Firstly it would be Infiltration trenches and the second will be Detention Basins. Infiltration trenches This is a system in which a trench is made and filled with artificial layers of granular material/aggregates which are clean and dry and then this is used in combination with geotextile. These granular materials have voids which are used to trap water and retain it for some time. Where as geotextile material prevents from clogging and durability. The Granular material should be 50 mm clear stones. Then the materials are layered in the manner shown below. There are some conditions for its construction. Almost of the trench is underground and hence its maintenance will be expensive. The trenches are constructed at least 1.5m above the maximum groundwater level and it should be at least 5 m away from the foundations or buildings lines. It is used in areas where the silt/clay content is not more than 40 %.It is made in areas with type A and Type B soils. It should not be constructed near septic tanks or water supply line and the areas near it should have good house keeping, if it is not done it will result into choking of the voids that retains waters. Then to improve the life and decrease the maintenance of the trenches it should be provided with Leaf screens, Vegetated filter strips or grass swales and similar devices such as grit separators, goss separator etc. ...
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