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The video Incident at Morales exemplifies how much the engineering profession affects everyone. It shows that engineering decisions can lead to deaths and should be therefore reasoned very carefully. The video has illustrated a variety of conflicts and tricky situations that professionals experience in the field.


However, the question remains: who is the one responsible for the death of Manuel Ortega? First issue questionable in the video was the hiring of the engineer Fred Martinez. He was a consultant of the competing company such that he is knowledgeable of confidential information about ChemiToil. Although it has been clarified that Fred did not sign any legal papers that restricts him from sharing secrets from ChemiToil, there is a difference between doing something illegal with doing something unethical. If Engineer Martinez revealed classified information to Phaust, he would have disobeyed the rule of practice stating that “Engineers shall not reveal facts, data, or information without the prior consent of the client or employer except as authorized or required by law or this Code (NSPE, 2007)” even if he is no longer en employee of ChemiToil. The fact, however, that Phaust has to formulate their own recipe for paint remover suggests that Fred did not disclose sensitive information from his former clients. It was also clarified that Fred designed the plant based on the preliminary documents from Chuck and Wally; not from the design of ChemiToil. These imply that the engineer did not do anything unethical regarding this issue of confidentiality. The next debatable issue came when 20 percent of the budget was cut off. ...
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