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Title: Instructor: Course: Date: Ethics of selling body parts People sell their body parts or themselves to get money. For any person interested in getting money this is an available avenue, though controversial source of income. The big question remains to be, how much a person is worth, or a human body part?


There are many avenues both legal and illegal that human body products can be sold through. According to () the amount of money one receives for trading in human body parts is in proportional to the risk involved. This source of income can be tapped again and again. The global trade in organs opens a large market worldwide with both legal and ethical issues. Being a living laboratory compared to no other laboratory known it can produce products such as Kidneys, blood, ovum, sperms, hair, also prostitution is said to be trade in human body parts and others such as surrogacy. These body parts are are sold through illegal and legal avenues. The human baby is made from a biological combination of sperm and ovum, thus there is no product made from scratch by factories. Good percentage of people who want children are unable to get hence they are helped by science but the important ingredients have to be used. Infertility science has improved so much such that it has developed into a multibillion ventures for entrepreneurs in this business. Buying of biological fathers has been made easier with the availability of sperm banks. A client chose a biological father depending on personality, education, ethnicity among many other factors; this is because when woman buys a sperm she is buying that mans medical history and genes. Screening is thorough in the legal markets for sperms. ...
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