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The Code of Ethics prepared by the National Society of Professional Engineers serves as a guide for professionals. It acts like a manual for proper decorum to help decision makings on critical situations. The statements and advised course of action in the guidelines are very reasonable and seems to cover any possible situation.


The video also shares the importance of proper decision making by revealing to the students the possibility of tragic accidents due to negligence. The story revolved around the experiences and decisions of an engineer named Fred Martinez as he tries to do his job to design a plant that produces paint removers. He was bombarded with a series of dilemma which in turn was handled by making questionable compromises that risk safety of the people around him. The story ended in an industrial accident that killed a colleague, Manuel Ortega. It is therefore, essential to investigate if Fred’s actions can be considered ethical and if he is to be blamed for the mishap. Fred worked at the competing company ChemiToil before he was employed by the company Phaust. It is therefore questionable if it is ethical for him to take a job. He was knowledgeable of confidential information about ChemiToil and as a professional, he vowed not reveal facts, data, or information without permission from the employer except as authorized or required by law (NSPE, 2007). It was clarified that Fred was not bound by any legal contract that keeps him from sharing the secret of ChemiToil but there is a difference between doing something illegal and being unethical. ...
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