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Dissertation example - Impact of UK reservoirs on the surrounding environment

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Engineering and Construction
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Instructor March 15, 2012 Title: Impact of UK Reservoirs on the Surrounding Environment 1. Introduction: Over the last 25 years, the “freeboard and spillway arrangements” for reservoirs in the UK have been based on the unit hydrograph rainfall-runoff and losses model (British Dam Society, 2000, p.1)…

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p.4). The unit hydrograph model was established in the year 1975. However in the recent years, the model has been revitalized and hence replaced with the ReFH or Revitalized Flood Hydrograph Model that comprises three significant components – the loss, routine and baseflow models. The seasonality of the floods is also measured through this model such that factors of seasonal corrections are applied to the estimates of the flood designs and conditions with the purpose of meeting the floods (Kjeldsen & Stewart, n.d.). The ReFH model can be represented through the following diagram: Fig 1.: Schematic Representation of the ReFH Model (Kjeldsen et al, 2005, p.12). The Reservoirs Act 1975 led the responsibility of the law to protect the reservoirs in the UK. Approximately 25000 cu m of water is held by the UK reservoirs and the Act covers around 2500 reservoirs under its framework. England, Wales and Scotland are under the purview of this Act. However, the Act does not cover the reservoirs across the Northern Ireland. ...
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