Sustainability in Construction and the Integration of Building Services

Sustainability in Construction and the Integration of Building Services Essay example
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1. The change in global climate is very often attributed to the increased concentration of gases emitted by the burning of fossil fuels. The amount of fossil fuels consumed today is highest in the history of Earth and this is because of the rapid developments in industries and the ever improving lifestyle of human beings.


Since a large portion of the total production of electricity comes from thermal power houses, the generation of electricity also adds to the high concentration of harmful gases in the environment. The UK government has set tougher targets for itself regarding the reduction in emissions and for this energy usage reforms must be introduced in buildings because energy use in buildings accounts for half of the overall CO2 emissions in UK. The reforms include promotion of energy efficient buildings and management of energy use in the existing buildings to improve efficiency. Ensuring energy efficiency in buildings starts from the design of buildings. There are numerous techniques which can be employed to make the design of a building energy efficient and the selection of most appropriate techniques is dictated by the climate of the region. The bulk of energy used in a building is consumed in air-conditioning therefore it is imperative to minimize the need of air-conditioning in order to lessen the use of energy in a building. The incorporation of natural ventilation and other passive means of air-conditioning in the design of building can considerably reduce the overall energy consumption; similarly daylight can be utilized to the maximum by proper positioning of windows. ...
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