Engineering and Construction
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Engineers are faced with numerous challenges in their day to day functions. Ethical considerations form a large part of these challenges and the engineer is supposed to work out these problems flawlessly. This ensures the personal safety and well being of the engineer as well as the safety and well being of people around him.


When Phaust’s management is confronted by the ethical issues involved in hiring a critical person from the rival business the person in charge Chuck replies that Fred is under no non-disclosure agreement with Chemitoil. The ethical implications of such a decision are clear and should be avoided as far as possible. In a similar manner the management at Phaust finds out that Chemitoil is about to release a new paint remover known as “Easy Strip” so they decide to brand their own product as “Strip Teasy” which sounds similar to the original product’s name. The contention is to promote sales by blurring out the customer’s brand distinction so that customers going for Chemitoil’s product may accidentally buy Phaust’s product too. This is an ethically repugnant method to boost sales and represents an ethical dilemma even if the legal department allow it. Once the plant was cleared for construction, it was situated in Mexico in order to take clear advantage of the more lax environmental laws. The implementation of less stringent environmental laws would allow Phaust to construct the plant at a far lower cost than the cost of construction in the United States. ...
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