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ETHICS Ethics of the Sale of Body Parts ? Word Count: 1,276 (5 pages) Section I. The Legal Status of the Sale of Body Parts in the U.S. A shortage of human organ donation has led to the ethical question: should the sale of body parts be legal in the United States?


So, what is the cross-section where these two areas meet? Is it ever ethical to, in effect, “sell” body parts? Blood and semen are bodily fluids that are donated for money—so what would make donating body parts that much more different? For one thing, the sale of body parts in the U.S.—or anywhere else, as a matter of fact—is ethically questionable, at best. According to Wilkinson (2003), “Many of the arguments [we will] address…apply equally to all body parts and, indeed, to all body products” (pp. 101). Legally speaking, the sale of body parts is strictly forbidden in the United States. According to Gunning and Holm (2007), “For example, property right in human body or body parts is forbidden in the United States” (pp. 169). This is for many reasons, one of them being that the idea of trading body parts for cash could lead to the poor and disadvantaged selling their body parts for money. Also, people might sell these body parts wholesale, making the black market for body parts even greater. Section II. ...
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