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Engineering and Construction
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ASCE RAISING THE BAR Name: Course: Date of Submission: Civil engineering is a discipline of engineering professionals that deals with construction, design and the full maintenance of the natural and physical built environment.1 On the other hand, the civil engineer is the person who holds the academic qualification of the civil engineering.


The ASCE wants to have standards for the engineering to be global as well having security breaches and terrorism concerns as far as the professional practices is concerned. At the same time the infrastructure should be able to use materials which has costing for life cycle. The people should be automated and the transportation should be good. The basic infrastructure should be accessible equitably by all of its members. There should also be green and smart infrastructure. On the environmental issues, the ASCE wanted to have a balance between the environmental demands and the economy. This was supposed to be achieved by the engineers. It was also wanted to have trends, which are macro globally across the national borders. There was also need for earning a social license. It wanted to solve the government and the non government conflicts, which were on the rise among the engineering arena. It also wanted a population that was burgeoning. The ASCE was expecting to be seeing civil engineers who will be attracting leaders in their field of professionalism. The civil engineers were also supposed to be greater investors in the development as well as in the research field. They were supposed to have new and up to date methods of projects’ finances and have a command in managements of the risks. ...
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