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How Property Development Works Insert Name Tutor Course Institution Date How Property development Works Introduction One of the things that are becoming extensively popular is property development particularly in a cooling market. This is because the profits borders are becoming slimmer when the process is done on a straight flip, which is the buying and selling process without involving development.


Any developer who gets trapped into the basic snare either never did sufficient study and/or never understands how the procedure of development operates and what affects the profit and loss aspects. The ultimate aim of this context is to examine different sectors that entail property development. It also looks at different property development people and their overall duties in the field of development (Stephanie, 2000). The paper also examines the responsibilities of developers and the risks they face in the field of development. Different Development Sectors Property development contains several sectors and fields that have different specific professional developers. The first and foremost development sector or field is the financial sectors. There is no doubt that development needs 100% funding process to accomplish it (Loretta, et al., 2010). The resolving factor is actually tackled by the way the funding process is structured. The funding process contains three main tiers which include high street Banks, Off High street banking and High Net worth Organizations (Friedman, 1999). Another important sector is the planning, which involves the entire process of developing the best structure and procedure to develop a property. This process is vital because it determines the outcome of the development. ...
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