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When this project was first given to us in the selected group, I admit that I was not ready for the challenge because of my insufficient experience in the energy-regulating field. The project was given several groups and I particularly enjoyed working with my team members.


What we did first was to discuss in brief what the project entailed pointing out each member’s strength and what he or she could do best. The decision to assign every member with their playing role was made unanimously with perfect contention achieved amongst the present members. The ammonia project was challenging at first, because I had overlooked it earlier in the year yet it had then faced me head on. In order to create order, we voted to have a secretary and a chairperson to help our group meetings have order and precision. The project was aimed towards the production of 450,000 tones of ammonia gas per year. My paper is a reflective essay on the ammonia project and the lessons I learnt. Lessons learnt from the Ammonia Project We first had to understand the gas and how it could be made easily and in the desired amount that we required. Each group member had a role to play in boosting our project and we had to rely on the chairperson to guide us on the subtopics that each member would be assigned. The secretary, contrary recorded the discussions to help our group in developing the final argument that we would present for assessment. The meeting that followed decided that every individual was to pick a topic, research on it and present it during each of the meetings that we would hold. The strategy was mainly aimed at ensuring there was no dormant participant to claim our hard work. ...
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