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Solar energy in the UK This is a review of some current literature on solar energy and the current situation in the UK. It establishes the scope for using solar power based technologies in the UK, the advantages and issue arising from adopting them, and gives a brief overview of some latest developments.


The scope for using solar power based technologies in the UK The UK possesses 0.3% of global oil reserves. A peak for oil production in the UK occurred in 1999, and by 2010, this tailed off by 54% (Busby, 2010). There are indications however, that there could be an estimated 25 billion barrels of oil remaining in British waters (BBC News, 2010). Tapping into these reserves however, would require a capital expenditure of around ?60 billion so it would be very costly. As of 2010, oil production in the UK was 63 million tonnes, estimated reserves stood at 751 million tonnes, which was a decrease of 18 million tonnes from the previous year (DECC, 2011). Gas production in the same year was 55 bcm and reserves stood at 253 bcm, which was 3 bcm less than the previous year (ibid). The situation for natural gas in the UK is therefore similar. There was a sharp decline in UK gas reserves from 0.74 trillion cubic meters in 2000 to 0.66 trillion cubic meters in 2001 and by the year 2010, the gas reserves were as low as 0.25 trillion cubic meters. Also, as the production of gas in the UK is 57.1 billion cubic meters whereas the requirement is for 93.8 billion cubic meters, 39% of the UK's gas supply requirements is met by import (ibid). ...
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