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In the first year of my study, I met a lecturer named Eng James who was teaching me one of the units in electrical engineering. James substantially helped me in the chase of my profession by teaching me entrepreneurship skills. According to his remarks, it was quite evident that entrepreneurship was one of the significant aspects of a renowned businessman/woman. In this case, the most valuable lessons that I learnt from James was achieving my individual career goals.
I was raised in a family unit which had a strong proclivity to the study of science. Therefore, I have developed a fascination for science since my childhood period. This fascination is what enabled me to take a career in electrical engineering. During my study, I have scored highly in most units in my course. As a major in electrical and electronics engineering, I have tremendous potential to becoming a leading force in all walks of life. This four year undergraduate study in the university as enabled me to learn that engineering is one of the most vital disciplines which govern human life (Baine, 2004).
This is because the study of engineering imparts the learners with knowledge, which is considered as a valuable insight to the global market. During my study in the university, I gained knowledge in various subjects including power electronics, electronic circuit design and power systems. In addition, I have also gained information with regard to the developing technology. For instance, I am well acquainted in software design and programming languages.
Throughout my learning, I was always one of the top ranked students in the engineering department. At one point in my studies, I was ranked the first student out of twelve thousand students among 18 universities in California in the department of engineering. I was also among the small percentage of students who had a constant academic record.
I successfully cleared my studies ...
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Learning in California State University has significantly molded me as an all-round student. Therefore, it is evident that my decision of…
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