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Solar and Renewable Power in the UK

By the year 2001, one can see a slight change in the dependence on various sources. For example, use of petroleum fell by 5%, and that of coal fell by 14%. However, the use of natural gas increased to 40% and of primary electricity rose by 1%. Also, 1% of the total energy came from renewable sources and waste (ibid). Energy consumption by fuel 1990-2001 Percentage of energy from different sources 1990 2001 Petroleum 37% 32% Coal 31% 17% Natural gas 24% 40% Primary electricity 8% 9% Renewable sources 1% The work also provides an overall idea about the consumption of energy in various sectors. According to the information, transport industry is the biggest consumer that accounts for 33% of the total consumption in 1990. It was followed by domestic sector with 28% and industry with 26%. By 2001, there was a rise in energy consumption in transport, domestic and services sectors. To illustrate, in transport and services, the use rose by 1% and in domestic sector, it rose by 2%. On the other hand, industry sector had a decline by 4% (ibid). ...
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Solar Energy and Renewable Power in the UK Literature Review 1. The use of energy in various sectors and the production from various sources The present situation in UK energy sector is rather turbulent. It has a lot of issues to face at the same time. According to the Department of Trade and Industry release (n.d.) named Energy Consumption in the UK, the total energy consumption rose 13% between 1970 and 2001…
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