Electrical Engineering in Telecommunications

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Electrical engineering in Telecommunications [Insert Name ]1 1[Insert department, University name] [Insert Address Including Country Name] 1[e-mail address contact] Telecommunications refers to the conveying of information across a given medium which can be a wire such as copper wire, coaxial cable, optical fibre or through space (radio) and rely on electricity to work.


The next step is for telecommunication engineers to outline a transmission and reception of the transmitted information. In designing the transmitters and receivers, the engineers have to factor in the power consumption especially of the transmitters since a weak signal will due to low or insufficient power will be susceptible to corruption by noise so that the sent information is received as jumbled or incoherent. Looked at simplistically, two telephone handsets connected together need a battery in between to provide the electrical signal to transmit voice signals as depicted below; d1 d2 Handset Battery Handset D Fig 1: Simple telecommunication connection In the above diagram signal will be transmitted a total distance D. d1 and d2 are the distances of each handset to the battery. Now D in practice can be a very long distance, for which certain factors determine this distance which are attenuation and IR drop that limits the voltage across the transmitter. The common 19 gauge wire has a 30 km limit which is also affected by the quality of the handsets. To increase the length of D, we can either increase the voltage of the power source (battery) or we can install amplifiers along D to solve the attenuation problem [2]. ...
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