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Building survey Construction is considered amongst one of the most dangerous land based activities in the working sector of most of the countries. It is a process that consists of the building or assembling of infrastructure, and is an act of human multitasking.


Regardless of the dangers that await the working sector, the construction business is considered to be the backbone of Dubai's flourishing economy. Dubai has gathered much attention in recent years with their fascinating and innovative building ideas and architectural wonders, like the Dubai Skyline and the Burj al Arab, among others. Real estate and construction( 22.6%) are the largest contributors to Dubai's economy(Economy Watch,2010), and are considered amongst one of the key sources of employment, income and growth. Before jumping into attempting this building survey, we first need to understand and familiarize ourselves with the construction world, who are the people involved, what are their key roles, what are the challenges they face etc. Coordinating one aspect of a construction is a difficult task. But coordinating the entire process, from initial planning and foundation work, through the final coat of paint, takes someone with a lot of managerial skills. Being a construction manager demands organization, attention to detail, an ability to see the “big picture,” and an understanding of all facets of the construction process, usually acquired through experience. A construction manager is the intermediary between his clients and his workers, between the architect and his subcontractors, and between the project and any regulatory personnel(Princeton,2012). ...
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