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Reflective Commentary of Research Process Introduction I have completed my research proposal. My experience in creating the research proposal has been gratifying, and I use this opportunity to share these experiences. Developing the Research Problem and the Title of my Dissertation Developing the research problem is a key component in a dissertation.


Furthermore, I felt that my dissertation should contribute to the wellbeing of the society that I am a member of. From this holistic perspective, I chose to study the literature on disaster management and its status in this country. My search of the relevant background information gave me an understanding of the steps that have been undertaken in disaster management in America, to prepare the nation in meeting the threats that are posed by natural and man made calamities. Several agencies and elements contribute to effective preparedness of the nation to face calamities. Scrutiny of the elements led me to understand that a critical element in disaster preparedness focused on those that are called upon the scene or voluntarily present themselves at the scene of a disaster to provide succour to the disaster victims at the outset. Therefore, disaster preparedness of a nation hinged on what we may term these ‘first responders’ at the site of a disaster. My next exploration in the background literature pertained to these first responders, and the measures that have been taken to increase the effectiveness of the first responders at disaster sites. ...
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