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Corrosion is the chemical decay of materials which include metals, alloys, polymers and ceramics. It is the disintegration of engineered materials into their constituent components as a result of certain chemical reactions. It can be of various types depending upon the chemical composition of the material, the surrounding environment of the material and it sometimes also depends upon the shape and function of the object of which the corroding material is a part.


Crevice Corrosion Corrosion occurring within or adjacent to crevices, which are commonly left at joints, due to small volumes of stagnant corroding fluids is known as crevice corrosion. The most important feature of this type of corrosion is the contact with stagnant solution which takes place in interstices, near seals and in cervices made for nuts and rivet heads. The metals and alloys used in chemical plants and other industrial applications are covered with passive films of protective coatings in order to prevent contact with high concentrations of Cl- and H+ ions. When such places are left unclean for long durations after long usages of the plant, sand and other substances also get deposited near metals and alloys which prevent the proper application of protective coatings. In such a scenario the crevices and interstices are more likely to come in direct contact with corroding media. The corroding fluids which commonly contains high concentrations of chloride ion is likely to get accumulated in the crevices made for nuts, rivets or any other type of hole. The prolonged contact with such chemical fluids starts the oxidation of the metals. ...
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