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Design for Environment Introduction : The advancements in day to day human life has led to exorbitant use of devices that are made of materials which are harmful to the environment. After usage these harmful substances are not decomposable and hence they pollute the environment and lead to disasters in terms of health, bio-magnification, and increasing green house gases.


Also the regulations for environmentally friendly cars, the improvements in design of these green cars, the emission characteristics have been discussed. I. Recyclable household items: According to an article by Kat Long (2010), the most commonly recyclable house hold items are paper , cardboard, plastic, metals, glass, E- wastes, printer cartridges and batteries. Plastics: Recycling of plastic wastes has become a prime concern due to poor biodegradability of the materials used. According to Achilias.D. et al (2008), “Polyolefins (LDPE, HDPE, PP) are a major type of thermoplastic used throughout the world in such applications as bags, toys, containers, pipes (LDPE), houswares, industrial wrappings and film, gas pipes (HDPE), film, battery cases, automotive parts, electrical components (PP).” While the condensation polymers can be easily recycled, the addition polymers like PET (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate) are difficult to recycle (Karayannidis and Achilias, 2007). Achilias and Karayannidis (2004), propose a thermochemical recycling called pyrolysis that produce liquid form like gasoline. ...
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