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Design Name Tutor Course College Date Introduction A power hand drill is an electric device, which uses drill bits to enlarge existing holes in a material or create holes in them. These materials rang from wood, plastic to even metal. The hand drill can also grind, buff, and brush wires when with other accessories.


The grouping or classification of hand drills depends mainly by the maximum size of drill bit shaft that the drill chuck can hold. A power drill comprises mainly of two sub-systems, which are mechanical and electrical. The two sub-systems play specific, different, and important roles in the working of the electrical hand drill. The first subsystem, which is the mechanical, has components, which transfer, translate, and apply forces in the hand drill. The electrical subsystem mainly deals with power. It has components that supply and control power flow in the hand drill. In this paper, we look on how to design an efficient and functioning hand drill. We will have a list of each mechanical component, the materials of the parts and the mechanical properties of this material. After designing the hand drill, we try to look on how to improve it to work more efficiently. Specifications of the hand drill 1. The input power is 800w 2. Its speed is 0-800rpm 3. Has a chuck capacity of 10mm 4. Drill capacity (a) Steel: 13mm (b) Wood: 25mm Mechanical components of the hand drill. Frame Shigley, (2008 Pg. 23) This is the outer part of the hand drill and it covers the inner mechanical and electrical components. One can also refer it to the housing. This component comprises of hard plastic. ...
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