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This is a seven page Harvard citation style laboratory report with seven works cited. The subject of this laboratory report is the characteristics of the FM50 pump. The FM50 pump is a dynamic machine which transforms energy by means of an internal impeller.


The FM50 is an example of a centrifugal pumping system. The requirements of this pumping mechanism are an area which is clean, and where the fluid being transmitted is of a consistent viscosity. The design of the FM50 centrifugal pump is intended to convert mechanical energy into kinetic energy. This kinetic energy is transmitted to an impeller. The impeller transforms the kinetic energy into potential energy. The change in potential energy translates into a change of pressure in the fluid. The change in pressure in the fluid and the energy which is input enable the FM50 to provide work. Heat is a result of work. The transformation of energy results in an increase in internal energy and heat as a resultant effect. The characteristics of the FM50 pumping mechanism will be explored. These characteristics which will be measured are the following: Head height. Power input Efficiency. The first law of thermodynamics and its implications will be reviewed in this laboratory report. Introduction There are two types of pumps. One type of pump is a positive displacement pump. Another type is a roto dynamic pump. This research will examine the latter. ...
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