Development Process in Construction Management

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Development Process in Construction Management In the building and construction industry, many projects sprout each year with the expectations of meeting certain objectives in specific timelines and within certain constraint budgets. However, in most cases, most of these projects never get to fruition, with others consuming exaggerated budgets and with serious time constraints that most of them do not meet.


Hill & Jones (2009) explains a strategy to be a set or related actions that managers have to employ to increase the performance of their projects or companies. A strategy that would result to superior results as compared to the market practices would end up achieving a competitive advantage in the market, and such advantage would result to profitability, efficiency and effectiveness in the building industry. In this article, the planning and initial construction stages would be investigated in light of the applicable management theories that would enhance both efficiency and effectiveness in such a process. Koontz & Weihrich (2009) explain that the process approach to management theory clearly elaborates the roles of managers in any organization or set up. Generally, the process approach relates to the principles, concepts and techniques that are involved in the process of management. As Kootz & Weihrich elaborate, such activities as staffing, departmentation, managerial appraisals and control techniques can only be well indentified in situations where management is well elaborated. ...
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