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Name Course Instructor Robotic Technology Abstract This report contains the study of the Robotic Technology that has influence over the young boys and girls, as well as the ways by which robots are able to assist students to achieve higher grades at their schools.


However, it is seen that a broad and strict quantitative study for the Robot Technology has not been carried out in the past. The basic objective of this paper is to prove the positive or negative impacts of the Robot Technology on young students that are studying in different schools. The sample of the research not only contains students studying at different schools but also their teachers and parents. The data are collected using both primary and secondary tools, and results are derived using t-tests to compare means of responses collected from different schools. Performance related, dependent variables are selected, and the use of Robot Technology is taken as an independent variable. The impact of each variable is checked independently, and the results are based on the values of the t-tests. The result of this research indicated that Robot technology had a positive effect on the studies of young students, and their grades showed improvement from the past. The results also show that the mechanism used to assess the result of the study was valid, which conforms to the findings of Barker and Ansorge who studied a similar research topic in 2007. A Roadmap for US Robotics: From Internet to Robotics, vol. 21, 2009. Georgia institute of Technology. ...
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