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Heriot Watt University School of the Built Environment Construction Management & Surveying MSc Construction Project Management Assignment 2012 Module : Project Management Strategic Issues: D31PS Module lecturer: Dr Bilge Erdogan Done by: ID: Submitted on: Outline Introduction Analysis of the Reasons of Delays or Cost Increase during the Project Analysis of the Relationship between Problems and Project Management Analysis of the Strategy or Operational Project Management Actions Conclusion on Lessons from the Project References Wembley Stadium – Project Management Strategic Issues 1.


It increased the projected costs to more than double the earlier projections. Especial about the Wembley Stadium is its innovative steel arch that adds to the beauty of the Stadium. The steel arc also endures weight and reduces the need for internal support that could have come in the way of viewers sitting in the stadium. The load bearing feature of the arc adds decorum to the seating arrangement. The design of the Wembley Stadium unlike the Sydney Opera House or Guggenheim Bilbao was not new but nevertheless included a design element in the arch that was innovative, leaving no scope to adhere to best practice techniques such as reference class forecasting as there are no past figures to depend upon, being the novel concept. This absence of historical example is many-a-times a red flag in perfect project planning (Strategicppm, 2011). The Wembley Stadium project was contracted to the lowest bidding company, which developed a situation similar to winner’s curse in measuring the cost of the project belligerently. ...
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