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Sustainable Housing Abstract Due to the degradation of environment and depletion of resources the eco building concept has been developed. UK has been one of the major carbon dioxide emitters in Europe. Consequently the need for sustainable and low/zero carbon housing, has become the major concern of UK government.


The aim behind sustainable housing is to protect the environment while achieving social and economic development of the country. The paper first elaborates the concept of Green Home or Sustainable housing. The need for switching to sustainable housing has also been discussed in the paper. The code of sustainable homes focuses on evaluating the homes on the benchmark of Building Research Establishment’s Eco homes. Various types of sustainable constructions are mentioned in the research paper. Then the paper also discussed various energy resources as well as material useful for sustainable constructions. The discussion on the proper location for sustainable building, on the basis of different parameters, has also been included in our research paper. There are various types of sustainable housing which are mentioned in the paper. The paper gives some examples of Eco friendly constructions in United Kingdom. On the basis of this discussion the paper concludes with the view that the well-being of future generation should be taken into consideration by the construction industry. Key words: sustainable housing, low or zero carbon houses, eco homes, carbon emission. TABLE OF CONTENT Page No. ...
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