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Energy efficiency in Saudi Arabia

The paper tells that Saudi Arabian government has become adequately aware about the need to depend more on renewable forms of energy instead of fossil fuel. Though the nation is abundant in oil that ensures cheap availability of energy; the economic, environmental, and social consequences of a total reliance on fossil fuel have become obvious through various studies. Also, the Saudi Arabian terrain proved itself rich in renewable sources like solar and wind energy. The harnessing of such alternative sources poses various challenges because of their higher cost of production and fluctuating nature. Because of their fluctuating nature, it has become necessary to store them for future use. Thus, the article by Rahman et al looks into the present day energy sector in Saudi Arabia and the geographical and environmental conditions of Saudi Arabia to introduce various storage systems that are currently available. Rahman et al write the article with a complete understanding of the energy sector of Saudi Arabia. The article acknowledges the shortcomings of the present day energy storage systems and the need to store renewable energy in Saudi Arabia. Though there are certain advancements in the storage of energy, the growth has not been sufficient to meet the demands. Quoting Lee and Gushee, the scholars point out that if renewable energy has to become an important part of base load dispatchable power; and, it should develop the capacity for massive electricity storage. ...
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The work gains significance for the fact that the most challenging factor in the field of renewable energy use in Saudi Arabia is the effective storage of energy. This research will attempt to compare various systems for their advantages and disadvantages before making the final suggestion. …
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