Impact of Globalization on engenireeng industry

Impact of Globalization on engenireeng industry Essay example
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IMPACT OF GLOBALIZATION ON ENGINEERING INDUSTRY By [Name of Student] [Due Date of Submission] [Academic Institution] [City] [Name of Course] Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Impact of Globalization on the Strategic Behaviour of Engineering Companies 3 Introduction 3 The Concept of Globalization of Engineering 3 Aims of the Study 4 Increasing Trend of “Engineering Globalization” 5 Strategic Benefits of Globalization in the Engineering Industry 5 Changing Business Models 6 Impact of Globalization on Engineering Organizational Management and Structure 7 Refuting the Spatial Theory of Organization 7 Self Categorization Theory 8 Vernon’s Product Life Cycle Theory 10 “Unlocking” the


These areas have been the hub for research and development and development of innovative production methods. The most primary impact of globalization has been a geographic shift in the development of technology (Ashkenas 2002). More and more multinationals continue to disperse their core activities across the continents in attempt to benefit from lower costs. This means engineering has now been shifted to the developing countries, which are developing some of the leading edge advancements. The development of Silicon Valley is the most prominent evidence. This is the reason we see most of this “cutting-edge” work being carried out in China for the telecommunication industry, software development and pharmaceutical research and development in India and advanced aerospace development in Brazil (Kinoshita 2011). ...
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