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Superstructural Methods & Processes - Essay Example

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Engineering and Construction
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Super-structural Methods and Processes Name: Institution: Professor: Course Table of Contents Introduction Body Main forms of construction in a storage warehouse A competition swimming pool Design Construction schedules of a superstructure Structural insulated Panels Phases in building superstructures Requirements, processes and those involved in the construction process Wall cladding and rendering methods Steel decking and insitu screed Traditional ‘cut’ roofs Plastering and dry lining Steel frame construction Cavity wall construction Pre-cast concrete pot & beam ground floors Trussed rafter roofs Conclusion References Introduction Several decades ago when there was plenty of lumber, hou…

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Superstructural Methods & Processes

Half frame does not require heavy steel. Several decades ago when there was plenty of lumber, houses and barns were framed in full frame. These frames had solid and heavy steel that were tinned, mortised and pinned together. However, the scarcity of lumber that has been a characteristic of the modern times has influenced the construction of houses or structures with half frame style (McEwan, 2007, p 273). Half frame does not require heavy steel. In addition, it uses more nails and planks. Many buildings constructed in the modern day are constructed with balloon framing inside the houses and plank framing in the barns. This paper will analyse the superstructure processes, requirements and other methods that are used in building. Main forms of construction in a storage warehouse The Warehouse space type is designed in a way that allows the storage of goods and other equipment. ...
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