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Individual Route – for applicants without Exemplifying Academic Qualifications for Chartered Engineer registration The Individual Case Procedure (ICP) Individual Route applies to candidates who have not followed one of the exemplifying academic qualifications, detailed on page two, for registration with the Engineering Council.


This shall be demonstrated through: Taking appropriate Engineering Council examinations until 2011 or Undertaking further qualifications approved by the EI, either in whole or in part, or Undertaking assessed work-based learning approved by the EI, or Submission of a Technical Report, or Any combination of these. Application Process Upon receipt of your application, the Membership Panel (MP) will conduct an initial review of your roles and responsibilities. You will also be required to submit the ICP information and supporting documentation for assessment by the ICP Panel (see page 2). Should the MP assessment and ICP assessment be successful you will be required to complete a Professional Development Review (PDR) Interview. A report from this interview will be made back to the MP. The MP will forward a recommendation to EI’s governing Council and you will be notified of the result. Should the MP concur, on the basis of your PDR and PDR interview, that your roles, responsibilities and experiences satisfy those required by EI and the Engineering Council you will be elected into membership and registered with the EngC. The schematic diagram below outlines the process. ...
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